Kashi Protein Study & Spots

As much protein as an egg ... 

... that's how much protein is in a serving of Kashi GoLean Crunch!®  

Turns out, premium brand Kashi was offering more bang for the buck, not less. A surprising insight we conveyed by putting Kashi people and cereals into real situations at a working supermarket, a real marathon (with over 1200 participants to clear), and finally - dropping a giant egg into a public park in Houston.

Watch what happens.

Production logistics aside, every single person who made the rough cuts was contacted by me, personally, to get their final permission to appear. We had the signed releases in hand already, but that's how important Kashi's relationship was with everyone they met. Every individual contact the brand made was of the essence. Consequently, it was very important to me that I check back with folks to make sure they truly understood they'd agreed to be in a Kashi TV spot. After all, they'd just been going about their business when they ran into us. And every single one of them had my email and personal cell number.

I kid you not.

Credits: Producer, Amanda Moody; CD/AD, Traci Shiro; CD/CW, Jen Bhalla; "Giant Egg" produced by Spesh Kay, with EP Amanda Moody; director, The Malloys; editor, Jean Kawahara; music, Elias Arts