Amanda Moody is an American artist and producer, active in the performing arts and advertising sectors. MoodyWorks is her gallery - remembered and imagined rooms of pasts, presents and futures perfect.

Amanda Moody, photographed by Bridget Schwartz at the Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA

Love, stumbling, fumbling, bumbling, duchess, jester, beggar, earl and guttersnipe, imperfect, improvisatory, improbable, gathering force, folly, moss, glitter, false eyelashes, barefoot on broken glass, giddy with oxygen, sticky with good intentions, and don’t consult the tea leaves, children, never stare into the bottom of your coffee cups - all grounds are grounds for mercy - but look up from your broken saucers straight into the eyes of the Beloved and find that dear, familiar, epsom-soft pool wherein you can dawdle your soul’s own feet and be refreshed, restored, reborn.

This is My Romance.

May it be ever be yours.