Kashi Passion Campaign - going with the heart

The Kashi Passion Campaign ran for eight years. I was the production lead on all the major shoots from the start, working closely with our friends at Kashi, who were not only our clients but the campaign's stars. 

These spots were unlike any other for a natural cereal brand, or indeed any cereal brand that I can think of. No one else could have held this space the way Kashi did.  

With the terrific directing team, The Malloys, we took our Kashi peeps all over the world, and filmed their stories and adventures. The spots took shape as mini-documentaries of their experiences and encounters with local farmers, purveyors, and other agricultural experts. But the narratives took other bents as well, sometimes inspired by a personal quirk, philosophy or point of view.


"What the heck does surfing have to do with food? Everything."

Jeff Johnson, Kashi Foods

We filmed in India, in Brazil, Mexico, Fiji, New Zealand, and many other extraordinary locations. Most of the time, things went very well for us. But we did face some surprising hazards over the years: unseasonable monsoons, a minor hurricane, being driven off locations by machete-wielding Zapatistas in Chiapas and pursued by stampeding long-horned cattle in Goa. Our mettle was tested.

Beautiful client. Many adventures. A whole lotta heart.

Credits: Producer/Amanda Moody; CD-AD/Traci Shiro; CD-CW/Jen Bhalla; AD/Jen Ward; Director Team/The Malloys; Editor/Jean Kawahara; Music/EliasArts; Account/Jessica Sugg - Connie Chen - Jaleh Iranpour