I had been working with composers and singers for three decades, composing, collaborating and singing by heart and by ear, sometimes making elaborate multi-track vocal recordings to communicate musically with my creative partners. I made big works and ambitious tunes. But, I never dreamed I could play instrumental music, much less compose it, on my own.

In 2014, I found myself in Hawaii and bought a ukulele, pretty much on an impulse. I began to learn old favorite tunes, and found there an unexpected sense of companionship and pleasure. My accomplishments have been modest indeed, as you will quickly deduce from these amateur recordings. But, if my voice was my first axe, this little bird is my second. I encourage any adult, who has been shy of learning to play an instrument, to try a sweet, rewarding, easy-going uke.

Jump in. The water is fine.

-- Amanda, 4.12.2016